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We make parenting easier and growing up simpler with Professional support from Childcare experts as well as health and medical practitioners.
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At Kids Dialogue, we believe that access to parenting support, professional advice, community and shared experience, can make your parenting journey easier

How We Can Help

At Kids Dialogue, we believe that access to parenting support, professional advice, community and shared experience  can make your parenting journey easier.

Family Wellness

Having childcare experts share in the raising of our children in an organic way at various stages helps you as a parent and builds resilience in our children.

Corporate Wellness

Our corporate wellness programs and strategies aim to empower and support you in creating a working environment which actively uplifts you and your staff.

At Kids Dialogue, we believe that access to parenting support, professional advice, community and shared experience can make your parenting journey easier.

Having childcare experts share in the raising of our children in an organic way is one of the factors that we found would contribute towards achieving the goals set out for the next generation: this, and the building community for families to raise resilient and compassionate leaders.

Diverse Range of Expertise

The Kids Dialogue group is a wide network of child care professionals who are passionate about changing the narrative for the next generation and understand the critical period of development and how we can support families better, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We offer a wide range of services to help you as a parent, child or within the corporate environment.

Educational Psychology

Our educational psychologists are ready to help families learn, connect and grow! They are creative and want to add value; whether it is in the family or business setting.

The Kids Dialogue Educational Psychologists are not only great at investigating how children process emotional, social and cognitive stimuli and make recommendations based on that information but they also consult to businesses about mental health in families and empower each staff or family member through various changes in life.

Speech & Language Therapists

Our Speech & Language Therapists assist in interventions linked to communication, eating, drinking and swallowing.

Even though it may not always be verbal, communication is a critical component to being able to manage our emotions and build connections with others

Wellness Assessments

Our wellness assessments take into consideration: the staff or family member, children and family dynamics. We believe that a healthy, happy and productive family creates healthy, happy and productive staff members. Additionally, we are effecting change for the next generation.

While we are raising parents & raising children understanding the gaps in the business is important in order to guide processes and projects going forward

Occupational Therapists

Our occupational therapists enable our families and especially kids to participate in the activities of everyday life while empowering them with mental well being tools in order to meet the everyday demands placed on them.

Life Coaches

Suited for all staff, during any transitional period, or times when we need a coach, we strongly recommend that staff members sit with a life coach. These sessions are designed to be to the point and empowering, as we are mindful of the business objectives.

Psychologists & Psychiatrists

Our team of psychologists and psychiatrists believe in the power of family and that the next generation have the ability to change the world for the better.

Through their empowering interventions for families or corporates, children are able to be reached in an organic way and thrive, even during tough times



We have worked with many parents, kids and corporate to open dialogues and create new spaces for growth care care. Here are what some of our clients think about us.

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Our Team of Practitioners

Our kind & trusted practitioners all aspire to the same calling; to raise resilient & compassionate next generation leaders by raising resilient & compassionate current leaders (parents).








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Parent Support


Our diverse range of practitioners are able to offer support to parents across a variety of topics. Our extensive experience can help you uplift yourself and contribute towards raising the next generation of well adjust and sensitive children.

Corporate Wellness


The principles that apply to building strong families apply perfectly to corporate and business environments. If you are looking to empower and uplift your staff click the link to learn more about how our unique approach can help you.

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